Hints & Tips

Housework isn't just good for the mind, it's good for the body too! Did you know than hoovering for an hour can burn up to 200 calories!

The Dust Dolly wants the world to share in her love of cleaning and below are some tips to get you all started....
  • Opening your windows and pulling back the duvet, even for just an hour a day will help reduce humidity and reduce the dust mites
  • Once a week, help kill the germs that lurk on your dish cloth by placing it in the microwave for 30 seconds on high MAKE SURE THE CLOTH IS WET FIRST!
  • Problems with garlic smells on your hands?... a quick fix to remove them is to rub your hands on a metal tap! 
  • When washing up, quick rinse the particularly dirty plates first as to stop the clean water getting too dirty too fast
  • To help remove grease and dirt in your microwave, place an uncovered bowl of water with a few slices of lemon. 'Cook' on high for 3 minutes
  • Limescale issue in your kettle? Mix together one part water with one part of white vinegar and leave to soak. Rinse well and watch the limescale cease! 
  • Tooth brush mugs are a breeding ground for bacteria. To stop a nasty build up pop them in the dishwasher once a week. 
  • Smelly wash basket?... every week add a fabric softener sheet in the bottom to help reduce those pongs!
  • If you lead a busy life and need to clean in a hurry, keep a packet of baby wipes in your cupboard as they will clean and dust most surfaces